Weekly Report – 29th January-4th February 2024

Rabbit Run Marathon/Half Marathon

It was We Run Wild’s first race of the year on Saturday and of course their biggest cheerleader Michael O’Donoghue was taking part in the full marathon. A good turnout from OAC as Emily Paisley and Adrienne Savage were both doing the half-marathon as well. This was a new course in 2023 and remained the same this year with 98% of it being off road following the trails around Woodburn reservoirs. Conditions were good, even if it was mucky enough to prompt a shoe change from Michael at the half-way point.

Michael O’Donoghue – 5.51.22

Adrienne Savage – 2.10.09
Emily Paisley – 2.20.24

Torremolinos Half Marathon

Meanwhile in a more glamorous location Gillian McGucken was representing Orangegrove in the excellent Torremolinos Half Marathon just 10 miles west of Malaga. I’ve seen this advertised as a warm-up for the marathons in April/May but it probably functions just as well as an excuse for a weekend away from our usual February weather!

Gillian McGucken – 2.12.53

Parkrun Report


Three of us were trying out new parkrun locations for the first time on Saturday. Jean Stone at Queen’s and team Bates (Andrew and Elaine) at Antrim. Elaine has the most out of these 3 with Antrim being her 20th parkrun location.

The highlight this week was Gemma Blake continuing her dominance at Stormont by once again coming in first female finisher with a time of 20.30. That’s 3 Stormont parkruns in a row! If I were you I wouldn’t be doing parkrun anywhere else. Also at Stormont Stephen Craig ran his fastest parkrun in over 5 years. Great running folks!



John Gribben – 40.40

Belfast Victoria

Andrew Carson – 21.58
Tom Smith – 23.20
Luke Reid – 25.00
George Gribben – 30.17
Catherine McIntyre – 33.59

Queen’s Belfast

Jean Stone – 36.04


Reg Sanlon – 26.43


Verity Cornford – 27.57


Andrew Bates – 23.32
Elaine Bates – 29.29


Brian McFarland – 29.33
Sharon McFarland – 31.37


Gemma Blake – 20.30
Alison Canning – 24.41
Keith Weir – 28.11
Stephen Hamilton – 32.16
Stephen Craig – 32.56


David Montgomery – 20.31
Danny Bradley – 20.55
Robin Montgomery – 22.52
Colin Simpson – 23.20
David Gilliland – 25.33
David Fletcher – 25.40
Kerris Hamilton – 26.18
Selina Myles – 28.03
Anna Rankin – 28.46

Dungannon Park

Mark Lennon – 24.00


Gerald Harvey – 31.00