Weekly Report – 9th October-15th October 2023

Parkrun Report


Only the parkrun report this week as it seems to be a quiet week on the racing front (or OAC members are racing in secret to avoid my critical eyes viewing their times).

This weekend we were running our first collective parkrun at Orangefield parkrun and had a fantastic turnout of OAC members there aiming to raise local awareness of the club by saturating the parkrun with a sea of orange. As well as a great turnout we had Andrew McIntyre as first male finisher and Edwina Ternan as first female finisher with times of 18.06 and 22.16 respectively.

There was some underwhelming parkrun tourism as well with Tom Smith tempted to Orangefield for the first time, after having done 329 parkruns at Victoria Park.

Congrats also to Keith Weir as this was his 100th parkrun. Keith has finished first at 4 parkruns; Colin Glen, Orangefield, Ruchill and Waterworks – three of these were in 2019 when he also got his overall PB of 18.04 at Belfast Victoria, so seems like he might be a few years past his best. He can take some solace in the fact that his age grading is getting better and better, getting a score of 75.56% at Stormont this year.

Big thanks to Catherine McIntyre and Steven Gilliland for the photos at Orangefield parkrun this week. Catherine has gone with a candid photography style perhaps trying to capture not just our natural expressions but also an honest representation of this moment in time, producing photographs that have unique compositions of light and colour. Steven’s photos are the good ones.  

Special mention also to Gemma Blake who wasn’t able to make it to Orangefield parkrun as she was in Surrey, but did wear the stylish OAC T shirt as she did Mole Valley parkrun – sending us a photo as proof.

Great running everyone!


South Manchester

Des Fahy – 22.11


John Gribben – 36.17

Belfast Victoria

Jean Stone – 32.41

Queen’s Belfast

Gerald Harvey – 29.08


George Gribben – 33.04


Ian Wilson – 26.07
Mairead Napier – 36.20
Alan Martin – 36.21
Beverley Martin – 50.27


Paul Woodman – 23.17
Alison Canning – 23.55
Reg Sanlon – 27.33
Kimberley Reynolds – 28.06
Gillian McGucken – 30.14
Melinda Wilkinson – 32.54

Mole Valley

Gemma Blake – 23.06


Andrew McIntyre – 18.06
Keith Weir – 19.12
David Montgomery – 20.22
Jonathan Weston – 21.44
Robin Montgomery – 22.03
Edwina Ternan – 22.16
Stephen Anderson – 22.38
Tom Smith – 23.41
Colin Simpson – 23.44
Stuart Bartlett – 23.46
David Gilliland – 24.08
Pauline Bayliss – 24.29
Andrew Bates – 24.47
Chris Woods – 25.27
Sean Tanuvasa – 25.27
Carolyn Beattie – 25.30
Stephen Uprichard – 25.33
Michael O’Donoghue – 26.17
Elaine Weston – 27.34
Emma Smith – 28.00
Judith McCann – 28.22
Kerris Hamilton – 28.22
Elaine Bates – 28.32
Anna Rankin – 28.33
Selina Myles – 28.55
Sharon Corken – 29.32
Emily Paisley – 29.40
Andrew Carson – 30.01
Lisa Fleming – 30.16