Weekly Report – 14th August-20th August 2023

Storming the Castle

The big event last weekend was Storming the Castle in Carrickfergus on Sunday which was also the latest round in our Club Championship. Although it was advertised as a flat and fast course, I personally disagree with that description struggling with the brutal ascent into the wind. Emily Paisley however set a new personal best and didn’t seem realise that there was a hill at all when I brought it up to her so it is possible that I could be completely wrong.

Well done to everyone who took part, especially to Danny Bradley and Andy McIntyre for finishing in the top 10. Orangegrove also won the Men’s Storming The Castle Trophy for having the fastest 3 males over the line. The trophy can be seen later in the report held by Michael O’Donoghue our 6th male over the line.

Special mention to our female captain Ali McConnell on her return to racing after injury and a big thank you to Catherine McIntyre as well for your support and photos.

Danny Bradley – 34.40
Andrew McIntyre – 35.55
Sean Tanuvasa – 37.45
David Montgomery – 38.06
Keith Weir – 38.32
Michael O’Donoghue – 41.07
Edwina Ternan – 46.34
Brian Todd – 48.15
Emily Paisley – 52.08
Judith McCann – 54.07
Elaine Weston – 54.40
Selina Myles – 54.59
Ali McConnell – 55.11
Elaine Bates – 57.21

Placings for the current top 5 of the club championship are included below:

Male Club Championship Table – Top 5

Sean Tanuvasa140
Danny Bradley137
Keith Weir134
Andrew McIntyre129
Andrew Carson121

Female Club Championship Table – Top 5

Edwina Ternan135
Julie McKimm130
Sarah Steer120
Judith McCann118
Emily Paisley118

Montalto Festival of Running

Elaine Weston for the 2nd weekend in a row was involved in 2 races – you’re beginning to go the way of Michael O’Donoghue, it’s a slippery slope! Well done in the 5k at Montalto on Friday night!

Elaine Weston – 28.47

NI Masters Track and Field Championships

The Gribben brothers were representing OAC at the NI Masters Track and Field Championships on Saturday, with John taking part in the 100m and the 200m races, and George bringing home the gold medal in the javelin. Well done to you both!

John Gribben – 100m – 20.48 seconds
John Gribben – 200m – 44.36 seconds
George Gribben – javelin – 26.65m

Parkrun Report


Four OAC runners ticked off new parkrun locations this weekend; Ian Wilson at Nobles, Heather Flint at Southwark, and Andrew and Catherine McIntyre at Garvagh Forest. Catherine leads the way out of these folks with Garvagh Forest being her 44th location. Catherine let me know that she only has a certain amount left before she’s completed all the parkruns in Northern Ireland and I can confirm I have forgotten the amount, but I think it was 2 left(?)

Andrew McIntyre also got another first place finish, that’s his 4th out of his last 6 parkruns – great running!

There was also a big milestone this week as Ian Wilson ran his 100th parkrun. His best time was in 2015 when he ran a 24.38 parkrun in Victoria Park. This run had an age-grading of 59.40% but he has bettered this age-grading a number of times over the last couple of years with his best age-grading now being 62.63% at Lower Drummans in June 2022. Great work getting to the 100 Ian.



Ian Wilson – 27.35

Belfast Victoria

Tom Smith – 23.27
Paul Woodman – 24.24
Emily Paisley – 27.17
David Fletcher – 27.20
Jean Stone – 34.33

Chelmsford Central

Gemma Blake – 22.27


Heather Flint – 25.00


Des Fahy – 24.04
Melinda Wilkinson – 28.51
Selina Myles – 29.39


Kimberley Reynolds – 25.37
Keith Weir – 26.14
Gillian McGucken – 28.43
Jenny Powell – 30.05


Colin Simpson – 25.53
Michael O’Donoghue – 29.37
Kerris Hamilton – 29.51
Sharon Corken – 29.56
Verity Cornford – 29.57

Knockbracken Reservoir

Ciaran Lowry – 19.21
Judith McCann – 27.48

Garvagh Forest

Andrew McIntyre – 18.34
Catherine McIntyre – 40.53