Weekly Report Monday 9th March – Sunday 15th March 2020

Conveniently for the writer of this report there were a number of race cancellations this week leaving 2 main events, namely, ‘the Spud run’ and parkrun.

‘The Spud run’

I can’t claim to know much about this event but according to the NIMRA Glenariff mountain race is a 6 mile run climbing 1200 feet sponsored by Glens of Antrim potatoes and it is my understanding that all participants receive a bag of potatoes 🥔 🥔 .

It was difficult to know whether to write about the Glens of Antrim or potatoes here so I’ll send you to this lovely video instead, https://youtu.be/GmdAdfZHOO4 courtesy of Stephen J Reid, and you can see for yourselves what they got up to. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing I suggest you could skip to 8 minutes and 4 seconds in to see our Mr Tees in slow mo action! Maybe one for the club championships next year 🤔

The race was won by Seamus Lynch from Newcastle AC and Ester Dickson was the first placed female in 14thposition overall. As ever Orangegrove were very ably represented by 2 of our well-known mountain goats Sarah Steer and Andrew Tees, the latter of whom finished a commendable 5th overall (I suppose we can’t expect you to win every race 😉 )

There were a number of people out and about with OAC representation in 9 different parkruns. It was great to see Ali McConnell back out at VP as she continues to recover from injury. John Gribben was furthermost travelled running in Huddersfield.

As ever parkrun couldn’t happen without the volunteers and club stalwart (? also known as the better half of the Wilson’s ) was once again to be seen at VP.

Until we run again.

Photos courtesy of Victoria parkrun facebook and Tim Lowry facebook.