Weekly Report Monday 21st October – Sunday 27th October 2019

A relatively quiet week on the race front with just the last race of the club championship and the Dublin Marathon having Orangegrove representation.


The final race of the club championship took place around the Stormont parkrun course. As usual, times were handicapped according to your best 5k time in the last 18 months. Congratulations to Selina Myles who took first place and Chantal Hemphill and Gemma Blake who completed the top three. Results are as follows

Position Name Finish Time Actual Time

1 Selina Myles 27:58 25:28

2 Chantal Hemphill 28:22 26:07

3 Gemma Blake 28:55 20:25

4 Jenny Cochrane 29:00 26:30

5 Alison Canning 29:03 22:48

6 Eric Fairfield 29:08 18:23

7 David Carberry 29:17 19:32

8 Michael O’Donoghue 29:20 20:05

9 Michael Broadhead 29:22 17:37

10 Martin O’Brien 29:27 21:42

11 Ross Robinson 29:33 18:48

12 Marcia Sharkey 29:49 27:04

13 Keith Weir 29:57 18:57

14 Steven Gilliland 30:09 22:39

15 Anna Rankin 30:10 25:40

16 Rodney Corrigan 30:12 20:42

17 David Montgomery 30:22 19:22

18 Ryan Kerr 30:30 21:00

19 David Fletcher 30:50 21:20

20 Elaine Weston 30:53 27:38

21 Jacqui Maxwell 31:06 25:51

22 Chris Woods 31:10 21:25

23 Hannah Montgomery 31:42 31:42

Final positions and prizes will be given out at the club AGM. Thanks to club members who helped with the starts and times as well as the photographs.


Over 18000 took to the streets of Dublin on Sunday in near perfect conditions. Dubbed “The Friendly Marathon” the 40th running of this event saw Michael O’Donoghue make the start line and finished with an excellent time of 3:32:40. Well done Michael.

A side note was the decision of the Dublin Marathon committee to introduce a lottery system for next year’s event. Having received a lot of feedback against a purely lottery system, the committee decided that if any runners had entered the marathon in the last three years then they would be guaranteed an entry. However you need to be quick as there is only a short window for you to avail of this.


There were a number of Orangegrove members touring this week. Stephen Orr was a first timer at Edinburgh, finishing a creditable 12th place. Edwina Ternan was first female finisher in Enniskillen with a PB. Team McIntyre were first timers at Birkenhead (Andy preferring to be out of the country as his football team crashed to defeat on Saturday). James McClean ran a PB at Stormont and Lynsey Tyro was first female finisher at Orangefield.

A consolidated club report can be found via the link below