Weekly Report Monday 17th June – Sunday 23rd June 2019

COMBER 10K, 21st June, 2019. (by Gerald Harvey)
The Comber 10K was round 9 of the 2019 Novosco 10K Grand Prix. Only five OAC runners were on the start line at 7.30pm on Friday, the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. It was no surprise, however, when the blue skies became overcast as the race got underway. After a slow start on Castle Lane, the runners turned right and accelerated uphill along Mill Street and Belfast Road to the left turn at the Comber bypass. Even at this early stage the two 50 minute pacers (yellow t-shirts with matching balloons) were proving a bit too lively for some. On leaving the bypass at the second roundabout, it was downhill nearly all the way back to the town, with the pair of yellow t-shirts still in sight. Then it was uphill for about a kilometre, from below The Square to the Comber bypass where it was necessary to dig deep for the last four kilometres. A big crowd had turned out to watch, so a final sprint was almost automatic, maybe not up to the George Gribben standard, but a sprint nonetheless.
Julie McKimm was much too quick for the rest of the Orangegrove bunch, finishing just outside the top 100 in 43:08. The race was won by Gareth Lyons (North Belfast Harriers) in 32:49 and first lady was Eimear McCracken (City of Lisburn AC) in 39:45, 42nd overall.
OAC Results:
1. Julie McKimm, 43:08 (PB), 104th out of 739 runners; 2. Alison McConnell, 47:45, 222nd place; 3. Gerald Harvey, 50:52, 316th place; 4. Edwina Ternan, 54:52, 428th place; 5. Marcia Sharkey, 58:10, 527th place.
Thanks to Ballydrain Harriers (especially those 50 minute pacers who both finished in 49:57) Glenn Grant (ChampionChip Ireland) and Mags Mathieson for all their hard work. There was a one litre bottle of water, a nice medal and plenty of good food and a hot drink for everyone afterwards. Hopefully, Orangegrove AC will make a much stronger showing here in 2020.
Distance 4.75 miles, climb 1080 feet
The final race in the Hill and Dale series is a fast course lasting 4.75 miles and with a climb of 1080 feet and it takes you around the trails of Donard Forest. As per tradition, this race takes place on the Friday night and was followed by the prize giving, banter and more. Robin Montgomery and Andrew Tees once more represented the club, with no hill or dale too much for them. Andrew finished 4th on the night (1stM35) but very impressively… finished 6th Male overall in the league. Well done on such great consistency.
MPT Team Trophy League Sat 22 June
A fabulous day with some great variation in track events and impressive club performances. It was topped off with the OG Juniors taking home the Senior 4x100M Gold in 44:27… brilliant lads. Other very notable results were:
Andy McIntyre. 3rd in the 3,000 metres in 10:04.99
Rory Carson 1st in the 3KM Steeplechase
Adam Sykes 2nd in the 200M Heat 1
Rory Carson 1st in the 200M Heat 2
Joseph McNaughten. 3rd in the 400M
Adam Sykes. 2ndin the 100M Heat 1
Nathan Stewart. 3rdin the 100M Heat 1
ENERGIA 24 Sat 22 June Noon-Sun 23 June Noon
It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a dog
It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you I’ll find the things that you do
Will make me feel alright
Yes, Energia 24 is a strange beast with many highs and lows, with a little bit of music, but with one constant… you got to keep running…and running…and running!
Our very brave full 24 hour crew were Selina Myles, Michael O’Donoghue, Dave Gribben and Darren Moan who were to run for, well…24 hours!!!
Our also similarly crazy but well-prepared OG-ers for the Relay were Heather Flint, David Carberry, Michael Broadhead and Jonny Weston who…all had to run 2 hours each…3 times this spacing it out over 24 hours in total and in day & night.
The organisation, the weather, the support, camaraderie and performances were all fantastic. I’m sure each of our runners (and supporters) have their own story to tell and their favourite/worst part/memory but I’m sure the main theme to agree on our pride in their performances and their pride in the club support received. Well done all and thanks is passed on to all the support, Energia set-up/take-down crew, massages etc, hugs/laughs/tears and for the runners never feeling alone. Here are some outstanding results:
Mixed Relay Team 1st in their event (and 3rd overall relay team)
New Club Record of 181.90 miles
Michael O’Donoghue New Male 24hr Club Record of 90.17 miles
Selina Myles New Female 24hr Club Record of 72.24 miles.
KIRKISTOWN RACE DUATHLON Sunday 23rd June, 2019 (by Brian Todd)
Compared to the endeavours of those at Victoria Park at the weekend, my duathlon efforts on Sunday morning pale into insignificance. However, in my case, anything to fend off the sometimes tedious business of just running is very welcome! It seemed to be the perfect day for duathlon, sunny, warm and dry….but it wasn’t. There was a very significant breeze blowing which certainly affected the bike component on at least half of the mile and a half circuit. The section of tarmac that had the wind behind was enjoyable but never seemed to compensate for the effort expended on the other bit. In duathlon if you are essentially a runner you must make hay while the sun shines because as soon as you get on two wheels the lycra brigade on expensive carbon fibre rocket machines will quickly swallow you up. There were only eight competitors in my race. It started with a two-lap run (three miles), followed by a ten-lap bike ride (15 miles) and the final bit was another two-lap run (three miles). Twenty-one miles in total, but it felt longer. My times were 22.56, 52.07 and 23.06 with transitions of 59secs and 40secs. Total time 1.39.45 for fourth place out of eight. A very raw rear end is still affecting me twenty-four hours later! Riding the bike at speed against the wind for the guts of an hour was hard work indeed and at the end I felt more exhausted than after any run I have ever done. But, enjoyable nevertheless, and the whole affair is so well organized and presented by Richard Bradley. He deserves more support than he is currently getting!
The race was won by Robert Crandles in 1.28.02 and Bernie Monaghan was first lady in 1.40.47.
Still a very popular race with over 1,000 finishing the Half and over 1,500 finishing the 10k. The annual tropical temperature and evening sun did not play a factor in this year’s race but it remains very competitive. Orangegrove’s Luke Harte out in a fabulous performance in the 10k with a time of 36:27 and 16thplace!!
The Half Marathon was won by Eoin Hughes and Gladys Ganiel of North Belfast Harriers in 1:09:14 and 1:18:27 respectively, whereas, James Edgar of City of Lisburn and Kerry Bamber of Ballymena Runners won the 10k in 33:47 and 37:42 respectively.
Jonny Weston 1:31:44 (HM)
David Roberts 1:43:37 (HM)
Carolyn Beattie 1:52:53 (HM)
Luke Harte 36:27 (10k) (16th)
Brian Todd 44:26 (10k) (2nd Age Cat)
Anna Rankin 1:00:26