Belfast City Half Marathon – Club Championship Round 12

Sunday saw the 4th running of the Belfast City Half Marathon. With this being the 12th and final race of our club championship and also our home half marathon , there was always going to be a lot of OAC interest. The route was changed slightly this year, for the better I am told.

As usual there was oodles of club support for our fantastic runners. The beach shack was set up at the start/finish area , a drinks/ sweets area in Vicky Park (including fizzy fish and Percy pigs) and various mobile support units en route ensured our athletes were very well catered for.

Perfect weather conditions were forecast by our friend and NI Road Relays guest Cee Daly and she didn’t let us down. The rain held off until lunchtime when everyone was done and dusted.

There were many PBs and many of our athletes were attempting the half marathon distance for the first time (and hopefully not their last)

Well done to all who ran and massive thanks to the support team.

Andy McIntyre 1.20.57 PB
Eric Fairfield 1.26.59 PB
Chris Downey 1.28.48 PB
Tim Robinson 1.30.33 PB
Jonathan Weston 1.38.27  
Michael O’Donoghue 1.38.36  
Martin O’Brien 1.38.58 PB
Stephen Anderson 1.39.12  
Ian Millgate 1.40.12 PB
Ian Grant 1.40.37 PB
Rodney Corrigan 1.41.03  
Andrew Tees 1.41.46  
Julie McKimm 1.41.48  
Pauline Bayliss 1.42.12  
Graeme Bennett 1.42.28  
Carolyn Beattie 1.44.25  
Lisa Rodham 1.47.47  
Jacqui Maxwell 1.49.10  
Heather Shanks-Miller 1.50.43  
Gerald Harvey 1.55.00  
Jill Holland 1.55.50  
Anna Rankin 1.56.44 PB
Alison Hall- Thompson 1.56.36 PB
Brian McFarland 1.57.34 PB
David Doey 1.58.16 PB
Catherine Fearon 2.07.03  
Sarah Malcolmson 2.08.29 PB
Martin Walker 2.09.50 PB
Mairead Conlon 2.10.27  
Alan Montgomery 2.12.04 PB
Judith McCann 2.13.22 PB
Karen Russell 2.13.22 PB
Hilary Bradshaw 2.13.22 PB 
Jean Stone 2.19.47  
Ian Reid 2.31.38 PB