By David Doey

With the darker nights really starting to take effect, there are less races to avail of in the race calendar. The only OAC representation this week was in cross country at Ballyclare in the Malcolm Cup.


This was a three mile race with Brian Todd leading the Orangegrove crew home in 21-07 with Heather Flint being the first club lady through in 22-47 (125th place). The full results for OAC are below. The race was won by Rebekah Nixon (Dromore AC) in 17-41

86 Brian Todd 21.07
125 Heather Flint 22.47
146 Kimberley Reynolds 23.26
170 Verity Cornford 24.11
186 Lisa Fleming 24.55
191 Judith McCann 25.06
200 Jackie Grant 25.23
203 Jill Holland 25.26
215 Selina Myles 26.01
219 Adrienne Savage 26.22


This was a four mile race with Andrew Tees leading the Orangegrove gents home in 23-36. Credit to Brian Todd who ran this race too to ensure the men got full attendance points. The full results for OAC are below. The race was won by Neil McCartan (East Down AC) in 20-32

42 Andrew Tees 23.36
78 Danny Bradley 24.58
84 David Montgomery 25.13
110 Robin Montgomery 26.20
113 Rodney Corrigan 26.25
129 Michael O’Donoghue 27.11
140 Ian Grant 28.02
141 Stephen Anderson 28.03
163 Brian Todd 30.22
164 Steven Gilliland 30.23
185 Gerald Harvey 33.00
189 George Gribben 34.52

In the current overall standings the men are in 6th place whereas the ladies are in 9th place. The men also currently hold the advantage in the Titanic Cup. But we are only halfway through the series.


As always the biggest turnout was at Victoria Park where Gemma Blake was the first female finisher with a new PB. Tom Smith and Catherine McIntyre also ran PBs. Pauline Bayliss had her 99th run- celebration time this weekend perhaps? Alison Canning was first female finisher at Orangefield.

A full consolidated report can be viewed in the link below

http://www.parkrun.com/r esults/consolidatedclub/…