Queen’s 5K – Club Championship Round 3

Wednesday saw super conditions for an annually super race entitled ‘Race Round the River’ which starts on the Annadale Embankment and finishes outside the PEC on the Stranmillis Embankment after 2 and ¾ laps. This is flat and so fast, brutal and lung-busting that the 3 R’s could mean ‘Robust, Relentless and Riveting’… a bit like our wonderful support on the day, some might say!

Yes, Queen’s 5k produced a fantastic club turnout, great support from all, superb performances, lovely t-shirts and even some fresh & hot pizza slices (if you had any reflexes (or elbows) left to grab them!). I would personally recommend doing this race at least once, whether you are in PB form or not, just to take part in such a high profile & quick field and also to experience the buzz (or terror) and to stretch your limits.

Conor Bradley (City of Derry) and Kerry O’Flaherty (Newcastle AC) won this NI & Ulster 5k (Road) Championship Race in 14:44 and 16:18 respectively.

To PB or not to PB…that is the question…well quite a lot chose to PB & with some cracking times too with a few under 18, Andy’s sub-17 and Iseult’s Junior time, never mind the huge individual strides made by others and an Age Cat win for Brian Todd. A very well done to everybody who represented the club:

Andy McIntyre 16:58 PB
Paul Tyro 17:40  
Stephen Orr 17:45 PB
Michael Broadhead 17:49 PB
Eric Fairfield 18:29 PB
Des Fahy 18:52
Andrew Tees 19:07 PB
Michael O’Donoghue 19:42  
Robin Montgomery 19:55 (pacing)
Martin O’Brien 19:55 PB
Darren Houston 20:09  
Ian Grant 21:04  
Brian Todd 21:13 1st M65
Julie McKimm 21:28  
Pauline Bayliss 21:45  
Carloyn Beattie 22:26  
Stephen Anderson 22:26 (pacing)
Louise Browne 22:39  
Andrew Bennett 22:39  
John Neill 22:40  
Iseult Fahy 23:12  
Fintan Hurl 23:14  
Sharon Corken 23:28 PB
Andrew Allen 23:28  
Gerald Harvey 23:30  
Ian Millgate 23:30 (pacing)
Brian McFarland 23:40 PB
Reg Sanlon 23:45  
Emma McWilliams 23:52  
Ian Wilson 24:08  
Lisa Fleming 24:11  
Trish Magill 24:23 PB
Jacqui Maxwell 24:38  
Anna Rankin 25:07  
Jenny Powell 25:06  
Karen Russell 25:16 PB
Hilary Bradshaw 25:18 PB
David Doey 25:41  
Sarah Wilson 25:53  
Catherine Fearon 26:44  
Stephen Craig 26:57  
Sharon McFarland 27:02  
Melinda Wilkinson 27:26  
Adrian Sproule 27:27  
Ian Reid 27:41 PB
Jean Stone 28:32  
Adrienne Savage 29:04  
Jackie Grant 29:05  
Jim Harris 29:23