Acorns AC ‘Mighty Oaks’ XC

Saturday saw the Acorns AC annual cross country, held at the Mid Ulster Sports Arena in Cookstown. The event is part of the ongoing Athletics NI XC League 2016/17 and saw a strong representation of Orangegrove AC.

The (in)famous ‘Acorns Hill’ was adjusted slightly this year to give the athletes a better run at it; this change seems to have been well received, but I don’t think many were thinking complimentary thoughts on the ascent!

The snow stayed away this year and the cold and dry weather conditions were excellent, but the rain earlier in the week soon resulted in a challenging course with a true cross country experience. The panoramic course while challenging proved enjoyable for the athletes.


We were represented by Matthew Sykes in U13’s 1 mile race with an unofficial time of 6:50, and by;

Adam Sykes and Rory Hall-Thompson in the U15’s 2 mile race, with the unofficial times of 13:43 and 13:49 respectively.

Thanks to Gillian Sykes for the unofficial times; junior races are not chipped and results haven’t been published yet.

LADIES (3 miles)

The Ladies’ results were as follows:

22 Sile Brennan 23:06
35 Pauline Bayliss 24:29
57 Alison Hall-Thompson 26:44
63 Jacqui Maxwell 27:16
66 Sharon Corken 27:40
69 Jill Holland 27:51
72 Lisa Flemming 28:04
76 Patricia Magill 28:20

The race was won by Jessica Craig (North Down AC) – 19:17

MEN (4 miles)

The Men’s results were as follows:

16 Andrew McIntyre 26:11
40 Michael Broadhead 28:14
46 Eric(a!) Fairfield 28:34
59 Robin Montgomery 29:09
76 Ian Grant 30:28
78 Brian Todd 30:36
79 Michael O’Donoghue 30:38
85 Stephen Anderson 31:21
86 Darren Houston 31:24
96 Chris Woods 33:18
101 Colin Sykes 34:30
117 Brian McFarland 42:14
118 Ian Reid 47:47

The race was won by Seamus Lynch (Newcastle AC) – 22:43