Palma de Mallorca Marathon – 10K

The PMM offered a choice of marathon, half marathon and 10K. The OAC contingent wisely chose the latter as Sharon McFarland explained:

The numbers of the Palma Marathon de Mallorca participants were bolstered by a few Norn Irn bods on Sunday. Not quite the usual sea of orange, but 5 vests were on the start line at 9.40am and cheerleader extraordinaire Ian Wilson was shaking his pom poms on the sidelines due to an ongoing injury.

We can report that it was Gerald standard awful due to the blistering heat, but everyone survived and we’re trying not to post too many irritatingly smug blue sky, beach and sangria pics. Link to results here for anyone who is interested…it wasn’t about the times – Results.

Alan Montgomery 55:11
Jenny Powell 57:47
Karen Russell 1:01:28
Jean Stone 1:03:33
Sharon McFarland 1:13:24

Good running from the OAC quintet.