Garmin Mourne Skyline Mountain Trail Race

The Garmin Mourne Skyline Mountain Trail Race is not for the faint-hearted. It consists of 35k of running in the Mourne Mountains to include over 3370m of accumulative height gain. The race is also sponsored by NiRunning and the Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association (NIMRA).

The race is also part of the Skyrunning UK Series. All the usual well known locations are visited by competitors, Donard, Commedagh, the Hare’s Gap, Fofanny, Bearnangh Meeelmore, Lough Shannagh, etc. However, there will be little time to take in the views. This is a big event. The presence of veteran mountain running photographer and author, Ian Corless, is testament to that.

The race starts and finishes in Newcastle. I am aware of three members of our club embarking on this undoubted test of both stamina and endurance, Michael O’Donoghue, Sharon Dickenson and Darren Marshall. We wish them well and may the elements in the Mournes be more favourable this weekend than they were last week. To get this festival of Skyline running off to a flying start there is, on the Friday evening, a two mile race up the Granite Trail which takes in 300m of height gain in what is a very short distance. No doubt MOD will attempt this one as well!

Three intrepid Orangegrovers were pitting their wits against some of the best skyline runners in Europe. We congratulate the following on superb running, climbing, hiking, falling and whatever else it involved. Just to reiterate, to finish they had to cover 35k over mountain, hill and dale. In the process they each massed 3370m (11,056 feet) of accumulated height gain. Respect!

Darren Marshall 6.13.57
Michael O’Donoghue 7.38.19
Sharon Dickenson  8.19.25