NI Masters Track and Field Championships 2016

Despite NI’s masterly performance in the Euros it was up to the OAC Masters to ensure no premature brave Euro or EU exit at Mary Peters’ Track and…indeed…on this occasion bravery was rewarded and medals were won.

In fact, I heard that the real reason for NI’s exit was that the OAC Masters needed the soccer team’s coach to haul back the silverware and gold bullion that was won and the keeper, Michael McGovern, to safely hold onto it all!!

6-3-2 is not a soccer formation but the OG haul – 6 Golds, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze!! Yes, a very successful evening which you will also hopefully see by the photos attached. Read this and weep Mr T:

800m M40 Stephen Orr 2:11.13 Bronze PB
100m W40 Emma Smith 15.21 Silver  
200m W40 Emma Smith 32.46 Silver  
100m W55 Beverley Martin 16.91 Gold
200m W55 Beverley Martin 36.32 Gold
100m M50 Ian Wilson 13.42 Gold
200m M50 Ian Wilson 28.28 Gold
100m M60 George Gribben 14.75 4th  
200m M60 George Gribben 31.19 Silver  
200m M65 Jim Harris 30.85 Bronze
400m M65 Jim Harris 1:10.99 Gold
400m M80 Gerry Ward 2:07.54 Gold

(Thanks to Alan Martin for details)

The full results can be found here