Virgin Money London Marathon

“Now bid me run and I will strive for things impossible”

– William Shakespeare

British astronaut, Tim Peake, started the race from the International Space Station and ran a marathon on treadmill in 3:35:21. Back on Earth nearly forty thousand people took part in the race, among them was Stephen Anderson who appeared on BBC TV looking composed at Cutty Sark.

First male club member to finish was Thomas Leitch in 3:01:17. First female club member home was Lyndsey Tyro in 3:08:59.

The men’s elite race was won by E. Kipchoge in 2:03:05, a course record and 8 seconds off the world record, which goes to prove that seconds count, even in a very long race. The women’s elite race was won by J. Sumgong in 2:22:58, despite a heavy fall. One competitor died during the race, at the tragically early age of 31.


Thomas Leitch 3:01:17
Lyndsey Tyro 3:08:59 PB
Paul Tyro 3:11:27 PB
Robin Montgomery 3:18:06
Stephen Anderson 3:37:17 PB
Andrew Allen 3:43:04
Chris Downey 3:45:03
Zdzislaw Malkinski 3:59:05
Trish Magill 4:07:33
Alan Montgomery  4:57:49

This was great running, well done to you all.

Thanks to Elizabeth Leitch for the photos.