Queen’s 5K – Club Championship


The perfect weather and the river setting promised a night of magnificent running and so it turned out. Stephen Orr returned to competitive running after a long spell of injury and achieved 23rd place in a very respectable time of 11:03. Trackside support for this race and the 5K was very good, so thanks to the Orangegrove contingent and other friends who cheered us all on. The winner of the race was Tim Scott (Lagan Valley AC) in a time of 09:42. First lady was Kelly Neely (City of Lisburn AC) in a time of 9:49.


Fifty five Orangegrove runners made it to the start line and did indeed fill the lens with orange. The start was timed by digital watch on the sound of the horn, so those starting at the back were at a definite disadvantage. The first mat at the finish displayed the names of the runners for the commentator, but it foxed the race leader who stopped there rather than at the correct second timing mat, losing valuable seconds. The third mat was for backup timing. Therefore, you should always run hard to the final mat.

The junior runners Rory Hall-Thompson, Ben Hall-Thompson and Iseult Fahy all ran very well. Rory was sixth male club member to finish in a time of 19:29, Ben achieved a personal best time of 21:29, Iseult achieved a personal best of 22:35, third place on the junior female podium. Andy McIntyre ran a brilliant personal best time of 17:30 to be first male club member. Congratulations to Trudy Brown first female club member in a time of 20:22. Brian Todd did his club championship chances no harm with a great run to set a new personal best time of 19:38. Michael O’Donoghue managed to pass Brian on the final lap to beat him by 2 seconds and achieve a significant personal best time himself. Reg Sanlon also kept himself well up in the club championship with a very good run, first in his category, despite having travelled from Cork to Belfast on race day. Jacqui Maxwell maintained her recent good form by winning her category. Many others excelled themselves to set new personal best times and a number have battled back from injury or illness to take part. To mention only a few, David Fletcher has been injured since last summer but recorded a personal best time in his come back race and Jill Holland, just recovering from illness after the Cardiff Half Marathon, was two seconds off her personal best time. Thanks to all our trainers who give up their time to lead us at Mary Peters Track and elsewhere.

The race was won by Gary Murray (Conliffe Harriers) in a time of 14:51. Shalene McMurray (Newcastle & District AC) was first female home in a time of 17:32. Paul Pollock, winner of the race for past two years was absent through injury. Thanks to Queens University, the sponsor Deep River Rock and Glenn Grant of ChampionChip Ireland.

This being one of my favourite events, I would want to return next year, regardless of the timing system used, except sundial.


Andrew McIntyre 00:17:30 PB
Desmond Fahy 00:18:15 PB
Timothy Robinson 00:18:48 PB
Eric Fairfield 00:18:51 PB
Darren Houston 00:19:19 PB
Rory Hall-Thompson 00:19:29  
Michael O’Donoghue 00:19:36 PB
Brian Todd 00:19:38 PB
Jonathan Weston 00:19:55 PB
Robin Montgomery 00:19:55  
Rodney Corrigan 00:19:55  
Trudy Brown 00:20:22  
David Fletcher 00:20:25 PB
Martin O’Brien 00:20:34 PB
Graeme Bennett 00:20:44  
Mark Williamson 00:21:04  
Julie McKimm 00:21:11 PB
Ben Hall-Thompson 00:21:29 PB
Ian Grant 00:22:07  
Gerald Harvey 00:22:09 PB
John Neill 00:22:10  
Carolyn Beattie 00:22:20  
Martin Doherty 00:22:27  
Iseult Fahy 00:22:35 PB
Lisa Rodham 00:22:48 PB
Jacqueline Maxwell 00:22:55  
Reg Sanlon 00:22:57
Jill Holland 00:22:59  
Emma McWilliams 00:23:12  
Fintan Hurl 00:23:49  
Kerris Hamilton 00:24:05 PB
Alan Martin 00:24:06  
Paul Gruhn 00:24:31  
Jenny Powell 00:24:35 PB
Alison Hall-Thompson 00:24:37 PB
Brian McFarland 00:24:40 PB
Kirsty Buchanan 00:24:55  
Ian Wilson 00:24:57  
Judith McCann 00:25:00 PB
Adrian Sproule 00:25:01 PB
Karen Russell 00:25:04  
Anna Rankin 00:25:20 PB
Martin Walker 00:25:27  
Sarah Malcolmson 00:25:44 PB
Catherine Fearon 00:26:08 PB
Nicola Downey 00:27:27  
Hilary Bradshaw 00:27:31 PB
Beverley Martin 00:27:56
Sharon McFarland 00:29:19
Catherine Lavery 00:29:40
Neal Killen 00:30:12
Stephen Craig 00:30:37
Anne Devlin 00:30:39
Ian Reid 00:31:43
Deborah Killen 00:35:27