Ben Dearg 10K

There is an old saying that it is an ‘ill wind that blows no good’. Well, there was an ill wind and it certainly didn’t blow any good for anyone I spoke to today at the Ben Dearg 10k on the shores of Strangord Lough. The route is a mainly coastal one from the Kilcrief GAA clubhouse to Ballyhornan and back. Three OAC stalwarts (for stalwarts, possibly read idiots) turned up, Andy McIntyre, Catherine Fearon and Brian Todd.

The 5k run out to Ballyhornan was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my long running career of approximately eighteen months. Storm force wind, driving rain, sleet, flooded roads and mountainous seas which threatened your very existence at points where the route and the ocean seemed to be as one. All of us looked forward to the return 5k to the clubhouse with the wind at our backs. Yes, you have guessed it, the wind died a death and there was no assistance whatsoever.

Nevertheless, we made it back to the clubhouse where, as you might expect for a GAA club, the catering was exceptional and the craic even better. For the record, Andy McIntyre was flying and finished fourth on 40.06, Brian Todd was not flying and finished 29th on 47.04. Catherine ran very well and finished 45th on 57.25.

However, forget about the times. Personal bests, I suspect, were few and far between today. Getting back to the clubhouse in one piece for the egg and onion sandwiches and hot tea was the main objective.